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"Firewood chicken" is a very popular cuisine in Kunming Cheap Gilbert Perreault Jersey , Southwest China's Yunnan province.(Photoyunnan)
Kunming city in Southwest China's Yunnan province, one of China's most popular tourist destinations, has closed its door to applications for opening a new restaurant to supply "firewood chicken" out of concerns for air pollution.

The popular delicacy is cooked with lots of firewood and produces smoke in the process. Within six months, dozens of establishments touting the cuisine have been opened in Kunming.

One restaurant owner said they burn 1.5 to 2.5 kg of firewood to cook a chicken that weights 2.5 kg.

An official with the environmental protection bureau commented that Kunming has banned new restaurants serving "firewood chicken".

The city, dubbed "City of Eternal Spring Cheap Dale Hawerchuk Jersey ," also requires exiting restaurants to use more environmentally friendly fuels to cook the dish.

Law enforcement officials will conduct irregular inspections of restaurants and fine those using firewood, another official noted.

In Southwest China's Chongqing municipality, local officials have also banned the burning of materials in the open air as well as the preparation of "firewood chicken".

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