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Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria, is home to the biggest Turkish community in Australia.

Parliament House, Arts Centre Spire and State Library were all illuminated with red and white lights as the city paid its respects to the 42 people who were killed, and the more than 230 people who were injured in the triple suicide bombing at Istanbul's international airport.

Victoria's Premier Daniel Andrews said the red and white lights were a symbol of Melbourne's solidarity with the mourning people of Turkey.

""Honouring those who died, sending love to those who grieve. Turkey: Victoria stands with you,"" Andrews said on his social media page.

""There are always two victims of terrorism. First, the innocent men, women and children caught in its immediate wrath. Second, the billions of decent people worldwide even as far away as Australia who may observe different faiths, and who may hoist different flags, but who are all loyal to the values of dignity, respect and peace.

""Our hearts go out to those who died in the airport in Istanbul, and the people they loved and held dear.""

In 2013, there were 300,000 people of Turkish descent living in Melbourne alone. A spokesman for the Arts Centre said the lights were on for the Turkish community in Melbourne.

""This evening, our Spire will be illuminated in red and white, the colours of the Turkish flag, in honour of those killed and injured in the Ataturk Airport terrorist attacks in Istanbul,"" the spokesman told NewsCorp on Thursday.

""We stand with Turkey and the many members of the Turkish community in Melbourne.""

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