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Aqualeva Face Cream The frequency of application depends on the condition of your skin and the strength of the peeling itself. At home, it can be performed from two to three times a week, and in the beauty salon, on average, 2-3 treatments per year are sufficient. It is better not to use it very often, as it can irritate the skin. There are superficial, median and deep peels. The depth of impact is selected in accordance with the result that you expect. There are also mechanical, chemical and hardware peels. Its type is selected according to your skin type: for example, chemical procedures are better suited for dry, oily or mixed skin, and mechanical procedures are better for sensitive skin. Each specific type has its own contraindications, but there are a number of common ones. So, peeling is not suitable: pregnant women, nursing mothers, with high temperature or any acute diseases, if there is skin inflammation, rash or herpes, with the proximity of skin vessels. At home, it is better to refuse to use this cosmetic if there are any reddening or irritation on the skin. Before choosing a peeling, it is best to seek help from a beautician who will select the type of procedure that does not leave side effects and is right for you. Using unsuitable facial cleansers can lead to acne, irritation, flaking of the skin, etc. It should also be borne in mind that for cleansing you can use a variety of means, including gel for washing, milk, tonic, scrub, etc., but choose the appropriate option in accordance with the type of skin. Cleansing should take place in two stages: first, remove make-up, and then use a toning agent, which is intended to improve the condition of the skin, if necessary - to remove irritation, etc. Also, 1-3 times a week you can use cosmetics for deep cleansing, in particular, scrubs. When choosing a product, be sure to consider your skin type. Otherwise, such problems as acne or, on the contrary, severe desquamation, will only worsen.


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