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Massive Male Plus Read the article "Sex problems of men." 49121 The guy is worried that he is not your first. He should definitely know all the details of your former relationships, even intimate ones, let the men solve their problems on their own. Your actions. Before weeping in front of him like the repentant Mary Magdalene, try to understand what makes him behave this way. He is unsure of himself, and to such an extent that he even perceives your ex as a rival. It seems to him that you are comparing him with others, and not in his favor, and he has problems with sex. He is afraid that you are meeting with him to forget his ex, and he is suffering from these made-up problems. The main thing is not to indulge him and in no way provide details of the connection, immediately stating that this topic is taboo for him. Your innocence. You love him so much that you decided: he will be your first man. But the young man, it turns out, this prospect is more scary than happy. Your actions. You will make love for the first time and you are waiting for attention and delicacy from your partner. In such a situation, he is afraid to disappoint you, this is one of the main problems of men in sex. Talk to him: explain why you decide to take this step with him, say again that you trust him. These conversations will help him relax. Your activity. A stereotype sits in the boys' heads: he is a hunter, and he needs to conquer you. Therefore, when a girl takes the initiative in sex, a young man can get scared. It seems to him that his right to conquer is taken away from him. Your actions. Be discreet. Let him take the initiative. Do not predatory rush to the guy's neck, because he may have problems with sex. During the walk, pretend that you have stumbled, he will pick you up and hug you. After that, you just have to kiss, and ... Physiology. Watching an erotic movie or a photo shoot in glossy magazines, your boyfriend is sure: girls walk around the streets with impeccable make-up and breathtaking forms, always ready to make love. When your boyfriend encounters everyday life, he can have a real shock, and this will lead to problems in sex.



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