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Today Cheap Ian Kinsler Jersey , organizations are facing a major challenge when it comes to protecting sensitive data. With the top technology trends, it is important for enterprises to undertake significant initiatives of securing data and ensuring user privacy. It is necessary for global companies to examine how they store, collect, manage, and deploy the customer data across their marketing technology stacks. Today, the financial institutions that provide mobile banking and Internet-based banking services do face increasing pressure of providing enhanced consumer protection against phishing Cheap Chris Carter Jersey , fraudulent activities, and sophisticated malware (Vacca, 2012). So as to protect from such attacks, it is necessary for financial services and health care organization to invest in long-term solutions that enable the organizations to adjust their security control so as to keep pace with the evolving threats.
There are several strategies that may be used to ensure data security in the market. Most organizations are using the cloud to streamline business processes. For organizations that are storing data in the cloud, it is essential to make sure that the provider has adequate protection mechanism in place. The provider should ensure they perform periodic security audits and agree penalties in the case that adequate security standards are not met (Vacca, 2012). It is essential to protect data both raw data and the outcome from analytics. It is appropriate to use encryptions accordingly so as to ensure that no sensitive data is leaked.
So as to ensure data security and leakage prevention Cheap Garrett Richards Jersey , organizations need to adopt strong authentication standard. The threats that are present today need stronger means of authentication and mostly for the high-risk financial transactions such as the wire transfers (CSO staff, 2012). The banking and the financial institutions must observe the security and regulatory compliance. These institutions should ensure that they secure the storage, use, and transit of the personal and corporate data across the business applications. To ensure data security and prevent leakage, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard was developed (CSO staff, 2012). It tends to be a set of requirements that enhance the security of payment customer account data. It was developed so as to help in facilitating the global adoption of consistent data security measures. It includes the requirements for security management Cheap Andrew Heaney Jersey , network architecture, policies, software design, procedures, and other protective measures (CSO staff, 2012). There is also the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 that requires additional security measures expecting the financial organizations to develop comprehensive information security program so as to safeguard sensitive customer information like credit card numbers and social security.
Another method of avoiding data loss and prevent data breaches Cheap Shohei Ohtani Jersey , organizations in financial and healthcare industry are using up-to-date data loss prevention (DLP) technology and services. The technology works in a way that, when the data is discovered, the DLP technology tends to automatically apply data protection policies by integration with data encryption, archiving systems, and storage tiering (Vacca, 2012). Using comprehensive DLP technology helps to examine all the data usage and prevent confidential information from exiting a network gateway. The technology tends to leverage advanced detection Cheap Martin Maldonado Jersey , and the deep content inspects so as to ensure minimal false positives and high accuracy. With this technology, administrators can monitor and prevent the transmission of data that does violate the company policies. The DLP technology can also protect the amount of incident information so that only authorized personnel can have access to the employee identification.
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