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Have you ever wasted months or even years following a road that led to nowhere or worse Hunter Renfrow Raiders Jersey , led you to a place where you were worse off than before? I have, in fact if the truth be known, more than once! However I am learning. The school of hard knocks comes with a very high price tag. I am hoping that some of what I have learned and seen will lower that price tag for you so you can avoid some of the roads I have found are dead ends.

I have a very dear friend Foster Moreau Raiders Jersey , who a year ago, set off on a path that I knew was not going to be good for her. Her goal was noble, but her road was one that was filled with potholes and S curves. It looked all glamourous and filled with all that life had to offer Isaiah Johnson Raiders Jersey , but because of my own experiences I knew where it led. Today her life is in shambles with no home, no job, and no money Maxx Crosby Raiders Jersey , She has lost multiple friends and the respect of many of her peers. I just find it sad.

How did I know before she started that it was the wrong road? Well not because I am a genius or a prophet, but because of a couple of simple lessons I will share with you.

1. Does the road lead you to put spiritual things first? Jesus said 2 very important things. A. Seek first the kingdom of God and all these “things” will be added to you”. That means that as you profit spiritually, the rest of life’s needs will come into place.

2. Does the road you are taking cause you to compromise spiritually? He said Trayvon Mullen Raiders Jersey , “What if you gain the world and lose your soul?” Is what you are doing compromising who you are as a spiritual person, does it violate your values, or cause you to take shortcuts that are ethically questionable?

In both of these situations Johnathan Abram Raiders Jersey , my friend ignored my warnings. She put a glamor job above her spirituality and now has paid the price for it.

Is there a GPS for our lives? You betcha! It is having a personal relationship with the One who sees the future. It is developing your spiritual life so that He can give you the warnings and you can hear the warnings about dead ends and pot holes on a dangerous road.

You see, you do not need psychics or fortune tellers to know the future. God already knows and He cares enough about you to tell you. In my blog I have over 80 articles to help you know and understand how to have the type of relationship with God that allows Him to be your GPS for life. I hope you come and visit.

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The Need for Guidance

Walking in the Will of God

There are millions of people living in this world. You will see that out of these many people you see every day around you, many are mentally and some physically not well. It is always seen that this big fat world does not care for these people. They are not only left alone but also restrained from the privileges being offered by the government. You will never know when you would face an accident and turn to disability. There are many disability benefits being provided by the government like special income and insurance programs specifically for the disable. A disability attorney is a person who deals with issues regarding the non-payment of money or denial of any help to the disabled. He helps these persons to get what they deserve.

There are many criteria like age Josh Jacobs Raiders Jersey , income etc. for applying to the disability program and in turn getting disability benefits from those. You can apply for the programs online by submitting some application forms and scanned copy of your citizenship proof. There are many recognition proofs which are also required but these are the most important ones. After the application is being taken by the government authority some

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