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From their Miami Jordan Whitehead Jersey , FL offices, plastic surgeons Dr. Nick Masri and Dr. Mark Broudo say they must regularly address several long-standing myths regarding plastic surgery. No matter whether patients are concerned about breastfeeding after breast implants or considering liposuction to achieve weight loss, the surgeons say they highlight the importance of a consultation with a qualified, board-certified surgeon to ensure all aspects of the procedure are explained, and a patient's expectations are understood.

One of the most common plastic surgery myths the doctors come across in their Miami, FL office is that a woman's ability to breastfeed following a breast augmentation is impeded. They say the presence of breast implants has no effect on a mother's ability to breastfeed; however Alex Cappa Jersey , they note that the presence of the implant does not protect the breast from some common effects: When a woman breastfeeds, the breast becomes inflated and the repeated engorgement and contraction can result in the breast sagging with time. If there is an implant, the breast may sag over the implant and need a lift at some point. If there is no implant present then the sagging and deflation may result in a need for a lift with an implant.

At their Miami, FL practice, another common myth the surgeons must confront is that liposuction can work for weight loss. They say that taking large amounts of fat from an overweight patient during liposuction has a high complication rate. It also has potentially poor results. The ideal patient for liposuction is close to their target body weight with good skin tone and elasticity and pockets of localized excess fat. A good diet combined with physical activity is the safest and most effective way for patients to get to their ideal weight, while liposuction enables patients to achieve their desired aesthetic contours once the weight is stable.

While the surgeons admit that a number of myths exist around plastic surgery Ali Marpet Jersey , there is one myth that is most challenging for them as plastic surgeons in a market like Miami, FL. They note that many patients arrive in their office hoping to change their low self-esteem associated with their appearance. Masri and Broudo explain that while cosmetic plastic surgery can and does have a significant effect on a patient's self-confidence, it is not a final resolution for all patients.

Correcting a perceived deformity can have important positive effects for the right person, such as a patient with a prominent nose or large ears, young women unsatisfied with their breast size, or mothers following pregnancy. The surgeons note that patients need to understand that the decision to undergo plastic surgery is complex. It requires the guidance of a qualified surgeon and an experienced team of staff.

By taking the time to research the procedure and by being frank and honest with your plastic surgeon during your consultation Donovan Smith Jersey , the doctors indicate that patients can be confident in their decision to go forward with the procedure, can be comfortable with their expectations, and in the end, be satisfied with their plastic surgery results.

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