Super Bowl 52 will be played comfortably under the translucent U.S.

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Bank Stadium roof on a dry artificial turf Chuma Edoga Jersey , leaving the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles without worries of traction trouble or kick-altering winds.

That doesn’t mean the workers in charge of preparing a surface that’s championship-sufficient were free from challenges.

The host Minnesota Vikings came close to reaching the big game, for one.

When they beat the New Orleans Saints with that last-play touchdown pass in the divisional round on Jan. 14, the NFL would have normally already been in takeover mode of the stadium by then. The victory by the Philadelphia Eagles over the Atlanta Falcons that weekend was a big help for the league’s exhaustive operations; it sent the Vikings on the road to face the Eagles for the NFC title rather than hosting another postseason game at their not-yet-2-year-old home.

”That would’ve really pushed us back and crunched the time,” said Ed Mangan, the NFL’s field director. ”We’ve had a few other teams in the past that got close, so you always start out with a `what if.’ You have a Plan A, a Plan B and a Plan C, and you have a backup plan for each one of those. So you’re always prepared for it.”

Then there’s the winter weather, which has its own share of the spotlight this week next to the Patriots and Eagles. Just because the game itself will be played in climate-controlled conditions doesn’t mean the crews are always comfortable, with some outdoor work to be done in the single-digit temperatures. The downtown setting, with a major hospital, several churches and plenty of apartment buildings within a few blocks of the front doors, added some urban-specific security hurdles.

Commuting to the site last week, too, could have been made trickier by a storm that dumped more than a foot of snow on the region. But the City of Minneapolis and Minnesota Department of Transportation snowplows produced a championship-caliber performance.

”We’ve never been held up getting anywhere Trevon Wesco Jersey ,” said Mangan, whose team is also responsible for the practice facilities at suburban Vikings headquarters in Eden Prairie (for the Patriots) and at the University of Minnesota a short ride from downtown (for the Eagles).

So are all the preparations finally caught up?

The answer is yes, according to Eric Finkelstein, the NFL’s senior director of events.

”We’ve been talking to the team and were for multiple months, and we were able to delay the things that we knew we could afford to delay and get a jump on the stuff that we knew we had to get done, even during the playoff game run,” Finkelstein said.

Vikings fans are still decompressing from the loss to the Eagles that dashed their dream of an unprecedented Super Bowl on home turf. So having the home stadium as the backdrop for the big game could be a painful sight either on television or in person. The good news for them and their healing process is that almost all of the team’s logos will be invisible, covered by NFL and Super Bowl signage. The six-panel purple end zones have been pulled off, replaced with Patriots and Eagles paint.

”We want this to look like the Super Bowl and know that you’re here,” Finkelstein said.

The field itself remains the domain of the indefatigable George Toma, the NFL’s grounds crew master who is working his 52nd Super Bowl. Yes, that’s all of them. He’ll turn 89 on Friday, and his pride in the job is just as high as it was five decades ago.

”The cheapest insurance for an athlete from preschool all the way up to professional is a good, safe playing field,” Toma said Shareef Miller Jersey , ”and that’s what we try to do. For the people in the stands and the people on TV, we try to give them a field of beauty and then some.”

There’s less pressure, per se, this week than four years ago in New Jersey during the NFL’s first outdoor Super Bowl in a northern site. There’s still plenty to do.

More than 1,000 performers have been on the field at a time rehearsing for the halftime show. So Toma and his crew use a magnetic rake of sorts to comb the field for any stray nuts, bolts or random wardrobe pieces that might have popped off. They use a stamping tool to gauge the stiffness of the turf every 8 feet or so, to make sure there are no dangerous soft spots. The sand-rubber mixture that serves as the artificial sod underneath the fake grass is supposed to be 1+ inches thick.

Having worked two years for the Vikings at their practice facility and served as the spring training groundskeeper for the Minnesota Twins at their baseball facility in Fort Myers, Florida, Toma has a special affinity for this Super Bowl being held in Minnesota.

”I’ve been through a lot of stadiums worldwide, but in my book I love this stadium,” Toma said. ”This is the best stadium I’ve been in. Why? Everything’s right here for you. We come out that tunnel, and we’re only 100 feet to the playing field for our equipment and for our paint and everything. Not only that, but the people who run this stadium are outstanding, and then some.”

Stop me if this sounds familiar (as in, stop reading if it hurts too much).The NFL season lasts approximately six months of the calendar year - from the first regular season game to the final whistle of the Super Bowl. That means Zach Brown Jersey , for the other six months of the year, the entire football world sits on edge, anxiously waiting for the start of the next season - a season that represents promise, hope and the potential that this could be "the year."Mini-camps finally roll around, and organized team activities, training camps and the preseason seemingly take forever to complete. You keep a keen eye on the building of your roster (especially that high first-rounder your team took in the Draft), but in reality all you have your eye on is Week 1.For the most part, every football fan will go through this process. It's when the season starts that things start to differentiate for some of us.Week 1 begins in earnest; finally, the long, arduous wait is over. You've been preparing for this particular Sunday for weeks. All the snacks are laid out. The beer fridge is stocked, and the refreshments are ice cold. The whole gang is over, the brand new 60-inch high-definition TV sits gloriously on the wall at the optimal viewing level. The butterflies in your stomach are uncontrollable - you were less wound-up when you proposed to your significant other all those years ago.The war paint has set, your lucky hat is planted firmly on your team-color dyed hair. Kickoff is mere minutes away. You're high fiving your buddies and chest-bumping anything in sight (including one of the small children in attendance).Then, sweet music - whatever network you happen to watching hits play on their own version of the NFL Sunday theme music, and you let out a roar that startles the elderly neighbors four houses down the road.It's finally here. It's game time.The ball is kicked off Devin Bush Jersey , and the season has begun.About three and a half hours later, you are either cursing, sobbing, or eerily silent. Your beloved team has been blown out. The 3-1 preseason record meant nothing, after all. 0-1.You get back on the horse, but you've come to the realisation that it's going to be the same (expletive) as always. The weeks pass by and the losses keep piling up. Regret, sorrow and maybe even a tinge of depression start to creep in. You begin to dread Sunday and even think about skipping a game or two to take the family on a picnic in the park - the horror.Well, brave armchair warrior...the 2014 season is over. Your team has been out of the playoff race for the past month and a half, and you've done enough scouting on Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston to be able to sit in an NFL war room and hold your own in a discussion with your team's general manager (if he hasn't been fired by this point).It's hard to fathom it, I know - the wounds are still fresh - but there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon if you're a fan of one of these teams. The cycle begins anew, fellow sufferer - hopefully, this time is the last sad ending for a long while.

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