Multi chamber continuous vacuum furnace

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Multi chamber continuous vacuum furnace

The performance, structure and characteristics of multi chamber continuous vacuum furnace and its application in vacuum brazing, vacuum sintering of powder metallurgy materials, vacuum heat treatment of metal materials, vacuum exhaust and sealing of electronic devices and stainless steel insulation containers are introduced.

The multi chamber continuous vacuum furnace is based on the successful experience of developing single chamber and double chamber intermittent vacuum furnace for many years. It comprehensively uses many engineering technologies such as vacuum acquisition, pressure vessel, mechanical transmission, high temperature heating and heat insulation, pneumatic and hydraulic, programmable automatic control and computer monitoring, and adopts the overall scheme of modular assembly line, Many advanced technologies, such as roller bottom vacuum continuous transmission, pneumatic gate valve gas isolation and high temperature isolation composite technology, multi zone PID closed-loop program temperature control, advanced touch screen + PLC + computer automatic operation and control, etc.; a new generation of vacuum heating furnace, which is suitable for vacuum heat treatment, vacuum brazing, vacuum sintering, vacuum exhaust and sealing, has been optimized and carefully developed, It is an ideal equipment for upgrading the traditional single chamber intermittent vacuum furnace and vacuum exhaust station; It will provide powerful technical support and reliable equipment support for the vast number of users in vacuum heat treatment, stainless steel brazing, Nd-Fe-B sintering, vacuum switch and exhaust and sealing of stainless steel double-layer vacuum insulation containers to improve product quality, expand production scale, improve work efficiency and open up market space.

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