Installation and use of rotary oil pump

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Installation and use of rotary oil pump

When installing the rotary pump, certain rules must be observed: the pump with small displacement (moving plate and fixed piece type) should be fixed on a considerable base, and when installing the pump, it should be considered that the use process is easy to access, so as to observe its working conditions and replace new oil.

Piston pump should be installed on the foundation and fixed with bolts, nuts, washers and lock nuts. After installation, the pump must be cleaned with clean cloth.

Before starting the pump, it must be washed with vacuum oil, and then injected with the required amount of pumping. When the pump motor and circuit connected, must be sure that the motor belt rotation direction is correct.

To do this, the drive belt must be removed from the pulley of the pump, and then the motor is switched on. If the rotation direction of the motor pulley is consistent with the direction indicated by the pointer on the pump cover, it is correct to turn on the motor (if it is standing against the motor, its pulley should rotate clockwise).

After the motor stops rotating, put on the drive belt, tighten it with the fastening bolt on the sliding plate, and finally fix the motor firmly (at this time, the intake pipe of the pump should be sealed).

After that, the pulley of the pump must be rotated by hand for several turns, and then the pump is turned on, and the limit empty caused by the pump is measured. In order to prevent the oil from splashing out of the pump, do not switch on the pump at once, but turn on the motor intermittently several times in a short time interval, and the rotation of the pump rotor is not greater than half revolution in each time interval.

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