Micro air pump

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Micro air pump

The essence of vacuum adsorption of micro vacuum pump: after the micro vacuum pump is powered on, the pressure difference between the negative pressure generated at the suction port and the external atmospheric pressure is used to firmly absorb the object through the contact elements such as suction cup, so as to play the role of hanging, fixing and moving objects.

The next process of vacuum adsorption is the release of the object after being absorbed. When it is necessary to release the absorbed object, the pump must be shut down first, and do not continue to vacuum. After the pump is shut down, the object may not fall off immediately, because the pump has a certain pressure holding capacity, and the vacuum will continue to maintain for a certain period of time (the length of time depends on the air leakage of the system).

However, the actual situation is that the current dual-purpose micro air pump, micro vacuum pump and so on, including domestic micro air pump, micro vacuum pump and most of foreign micro air pump and micro vacuum pump, because of the internal process principle and other reasons, only allow gas to flow from the air inlet to the exhaust port in one direction, and vice versa. It is not simple to reverse the motor can change the direction of the air flow, to meet the requirements of the release object.

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