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The New Order

At this time Cheap Kids NFL Jerseys , that being shortly after the takeover of the Rams body by the Tiamat, while in Yort, the King does the bidding for Lucifer, and one might say, the Tiamat. For the most part, he is no more than a puppet, a figure head if you will. By the way--: the White Baboons, and the followers of the Ram-god, can now see the Tiamats configuration within the old structure of their demonic-god, the Ram, with all its stretching, and fear for their order and sect Cheap Youth NFL Jerseys , and is so doing, so honors both: the Tiamat and Lucifer as the new undisputed rulers. Although this does not sit well with Lucifer, he rationalizes [for all good things come in time]. By and large, the Tiamat reinforces her commitment to keep her agreement with Lucifer by finding out the secret? as Lucifer gives his famous edgy grin-and-smile, gesturing with his eyebrow and forehead: a follow-up should be quickly implemented, to say the least. But brave or uncouth as she is, she knows getting rid of Sinned would be difficult without reprisal by his God, and then, then it is really information Lucifer wants and so she tells Lucifer, with her callous, harsh and dogmatic voice,

First things first.?br >
Says he Cheap Womens NFL Jerseys , with a lions hum to his voice:

I have nothing but time,?he admits, adding: But you dont.?A small dialogue with the Tiamat is all he feels is needed. (The Tiamat says nothing, --and reflects how quick He took Marduk down; she has come to the conclusion, settled in her mind, at any cost: work with the conqueror is better than being destroyed, conquered or worse.)

As weeks and then months pass, Yort has come to see a new City-State Order take hold. The King is no more than a fly on the Tiamats ass, a bothersome insect at best, but she simply swats him away harmlessly, for Satan still enjoys his worshiping countenance, and presence at times Cheap Mens NFL Jerseys , and uses him so he does not have to be the bad word of bad deeds brought down to masses at the city-state level of Yortits fragmented people. And for the most part, the Tiamat is more visible than Satan now-a-days, and is being seen, or look at as the full and new leader (thus, he is getting all the hate and anger, frustration and annoyance from the people ((the cost of kingship)). When Lucifer speaks, everyone listens, even the Tiamat; everyone that is, but Sinned. This angers Lucifer to the point of deep resentment, but not enough to challenge him, for he still needs to know the secret (inconsequential, some may say Cheap NFL Jerseys Online , no, noit is much more than that) yet, his antagonism is coming out of him, sideways, onto the Tiamat, especially when he feels she is just buying time because she does not have a good plan: with his inner eye he wonders where is her preparation, has any arrangements at all to extract the information been put into theory and action? Yet sealed is the deal they made.

The Plan

The Tiamat calls in for a surgeon, he is known as Ra, also as one of the, The Shinning Ones,?of the ancient world: the time before time was a word. Not spirit, nor human Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale , or even angelic in nature, or the essence of such: they are not even beastly or considered creatures, demigods; but rather, part of an Intergalactic Think Tank of high intelligence of long ago; so far back in time only Satan remembers them from their original origin, and vaguely, for theyangelic forceswere not allowed or even told about all the creations God had done (Satan even admitted Earth was kept a secret from the horde of angels for a long time), they were called, according to legend, the Ancient Ones,?and in parts of Egypt, are worshiped, as well as on an island in-between the two great land masses called the island of Poseidon [Atlantis].

Sinned had also head about these ancient beings Cheap NFL Jerseys From China , briefly, but had heard about them nonetheless: that they go back to a time called pre history [118,000 BC]; that is, before humankind knew how to write and communicate as they do now: yet man was man, back when the human race was young, and parts of this newer race, were finding ways to preserve fire, to warm their caves, and island spots in and on the bogs. As word got out, Ra was coming to Yort, Sinned wondered why; for this Ra, was the elite of the group of seven shinning beings that were left Cheap NFL Jerseys China , left in the sense of this earthily existence, somewhat marooned on this planet within the universe. If there were more of their race in the universe, the seven didnt know, for their ship [space craft] had left them there a thousand years ago; saying theyd return, but never havenever did, not up to this moment anyhow: up to this time anyhow. Or if they had, they did not make it known to them, or to anyone of the human or demonic races. Their planet had been in another galaxy, thus, too far, way too far for one to come and visit at a whim, lest he have some secret transformation process available. It was also said they had outposts on Mars and the Moon Cheap NFL Jerseys , and they were destroyed, and therefore, were left here as the ship went back to their land, with gold and other substances for their livelihood, and to command their craft in the outer space of the heavens. And so possibly, just perhaps, there were no more of their race in the entire universe. They had a life expediency of over thousands of years and there ancestors much longer. But they were not warriors, although they very well could be, they had powers far beyond humans, and not like the physical demons, they could fly, or seemingly disappear Cheap Kids Jerseys , or so it was told, foretold, as legend says.
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