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Howís your Monday going so far? I posted a tweet asking fans this question early this morning and to respond with gifs. Hereís the thread of several fans expressing their feelings toward it. I didnít know exactly what to expect on Sunday. None of us really knew what to expect as fans. We have a new coaching staff and we just watched out team trade away some of our best players a week before the season opener. All the press conferences of Flores stating Miami Dolphins Jerseys Stitched , ďWeíre not tankingĒ were hard to believe after realizing we didnít have much of a team left. That being said, I donít know a single fan who was actively rooting for our team to lose. Yes, I have tweeted to embrace the tank or just look ahead to the future, but come Sunday morning, we all were hoping we would witness our team come out there and destroy the Ravens. Itís what you do as fans. Itís what our team wanted and what our coaches wanted as well (at least I believe so). However, itís not what happened and actually quite the opposite. Our team had the worst opening performance in franchise history and now we as fans are left wondering, ďIs this all part of the rebuilding and whatís going to happen with the next 15 games?Ē I donít have any answers for you, and the only advice I have is to take a few seconds and take a deep breath, think about the past 20 yrs or so as a Dolphinsí fan, and say a prayer that ďtrusting in the processĒ will pay off gloriously in the end. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Ravenís LossI started this last year of listing all the good, bad, and ugly parts of games. This may very well be the shortest game reaction review Iíve ever written. Letís be honest, who wants to rehash the hot mess from Sunday?The Good: DeVante Parker, Preston Williams, and Xavien HowardJust think about it. This past off-season most of us expected Parker to be gone and at the very least traded away for something. Who would have thought he would be here and having a decent game. It makes you think, was it really just bad coaching? Preston Williams will be a star. I can just see it. It may not be pretty this year Michael Deiter black jersey , but he will do some amazing things. Iím so happy we snagged him. He had his first NFL touchdown and he deserves a big congratulations from us fans. Also, this too. Thanks for the laugh, Houtz.Now on to the bad and ugly: The rest of the game Yíall...it was rough. It was so bad. Now, I didnít expect our team to win whatsoever. If youíve been following me and reading my articles, you would know I love this team with all my heart and I will stand by them always. That being said, weíre gonna be bad this year and Iíve made that known. Now, I didnít think today would be 59-10 bad, but I figured it would be rough. I feel like we had players who went out there and put in effort, but with the lack of quality players at certain positions, we couldnít expect much. However, good gosh it was horrific. Where was this defense that we were hoping to see? So many questions. I honestly felt terrible for players like Albert Wilson. The guy who missed the second half of last season and worked hard to come back and this was what he was dealt. Those kind of things do bother me as a fan. Thereís that part of me that hopes players like him stick around. For real though, we need to keep some players for this fan base to stick around. Then there is that thought that the team may be trading away too many players for this ďrebuildĒ. Like Simon Clancy tweeted during the game today. Is that a legit concern? We laugh at the idea, but he has a point. Look at everyone we lost already. Nobody knows whatís going on with front office/staff/owner or whoever you want to point fingers at for this rebuild. Reactions/Whatís to Come/Around the LeagueIt was a rough start to the 2019 season and Iím just here to tell you to be prepared. I donít see it getting better. If youíre a season ticket member do you agree with this fan? Do you feel cheated? Iím a season ticket member myself and Iím curious how others feel. Iíve seen several tweets of people stating how they feel bad for us. I ask you, what did you honestly expect from this season? Be honest. Take a moment to think about everything that has happened and what did you really think would be the outcome? Do I feel cheated? Nah. Maybe if Iím one of those people who buy seats just to sell tickets all year, but otherwise, I donít. Iím not as excited about the season, because I know we wonít be competitive, but Iím also okay with this if it all turns out for the best in a couple years. What are your thoughts? Oh and just so you know Michael Deiter Jersey Mens , this will be me my mood most the season during games. I gotta get through this season somehow, right? I had some of the head table peeps from my fan club ask if I was okay today, because I was quiet most the game. If you know me, you know thatís rare. Hereís my take on what will happen with our team and what they are doing this season. Itís going to be a long season. Iím holding on to the ďtrusting the processĒ quote by Howard.Like Omar tweeted, itís either gonna end in two ways. I donít know anything about our head coach and Iím going to trust he, along with Grier, will lead us in the right direction.Iím still upset over players we lost (this one still stings),but we have been bad for a long time. You canít keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results. Itís like something my local minister said about dating and relationships but applies to this, ďIf you donít want the next time to be like the last time, do something different in the meantime.Ē If we always do what weíve always done, weíll always get the same result. If we want to change things, itís going to take some hard work and tough decisions. Itís not going to be easy, but it will be worth it in the end. We just have to hope it will all work out for the better in the end. Itís all we have for now fans, because we sure as heck canít expect any kind of winning season. Itís going to get worse before it gets better. Just hang in there. We all are going through this together. If youíre still frustrated this Monday at least take joy in the fact that Adam Gase bragged about being a winning team and they lost at home as well. So thereís that. Remember all the hype about the Browns? Well, they got killed by the Titans. Speaking of Titans, it would be so Dolphins for them to make it to the Super Bowl with Tannehill and Wake on their team. Even worse with the Super Bowl being in Miami. Honestly, I would be happy for them. I believe itís going to be an interesting NFL season overall and some teams may surprise everyone. One other note before we part ways until next week. This is filling up my newsfeed post-game.What are your thoughts on this? Any real truth to this? If so, which players do you believe are trying to be traded? I saw fans mentioning Drake or Wilson. I sure as heck hope not. I love both those players and Iím hoping itís mostly click bait. However Michael Deiter Jersey Cheap , you also canít expect young talented players to stick with a team with a two year plan of rebuilding and playing every game like they did on Sunday. Iím really hoping none of this chatter is true, but I guess we just have to wait and see. I also never thought we would have traded Tunsil, so nobody really knows anything. With all that being said, I have to agree with Houtz on this one. Did you really expect our team to be much better with Tunsil, Stills, and Kiko? If we still had James, Tunsil, and Wake maybe slightly. As in, we would lose by just one or two touchdowns. Just look at the past 20 years or so, what have we really accomplished? Exactly. My last question for you fans is this. Tank for Tua or be extra terrible for Trevor? Lawrence is a stretch, but Tua is not and maybe we need to start looking at him some more. The Week AheadIf you thought Sunday was rough, be ready for next Sunday as we take on the Patriots at home. You never know, our team may just surprise us. If the Dolphins can pull off a win at home against Brady (with this current roster), we may very well witness a second Miami Miracle. Brady does always have a rough time in Miami and we have beat them with Cutler and Osweiler. Plus, maybe this is the one game our new head coach will be determined to win since itís his former team. Either way, Iíll be there to witness it firsthand. Watch for me and my flag somewhere in the end zone. See you here next week and as always, go Dolphins!The Splash Zone 8/31/18: Dolphins End Preseason On A High Note Brock Osweiler popped off last night and may have cemented himself as the favorite to backup Ryan Tannehill. The coaching staff should also feel happy that their depth players played a heck of a game also. Both offense and defense dominated the Falcons and the Dolphins were able to end the preseason with a big win. The team will have to have their roster trimmed to 53 by Saturday evening.You can check out that story here, and the rest of the dayís round-up below.5 Instant Takeaways: Miami Dolphins at Atlanta FalconsWhile almost all players guaranteed to make the Miami Dolphins roster were held out of the preseason...Dolphins QuarterbacksMiami Dolphins: Healthy Ryan Tannehill ready for breakout seasonRyan Tannehill had all the time in the world to think.Dolphins backup QB spot scary regardless of Brock Osweiler's nice gameAn otherwise listless preseason finally felt good for the Dolphins on Thursday night when they smack...Dolphins PreseasonHyde10: Osweiler shines Isaiah Prince Miami Dolphins Jerseys , kicker question - 10 thoughts on Dolphins final preseason game in Atlanta - Sun SentinelBrock Osweiler had a good night and David Fales didn't really in final preseason gamePhinsider News You May Have MissedThe Splash Zone 8/30/18: Kenyan Drake Ready To Become A Star - The PhinsiderWelcome to the Splash Zone, the quickest way to get your day started off right. We bring you a rundown of Miami Dolphins news from the last 24 hours.Dolphins Prepare For Roster Cuts, Possible Additions - The PhinsiderThe 2018 regular season begins in just ten days, and every NFL team must pare their roster from 90 down to 53 before then. As Armando Salguero and others have said, the team, for the most part,...Miami Dolphins depth chart 2018 predictions ahead of Preseason Week 4 - The PhinsiderThe Miami Dolphins will finish their 2018 preseason schedule tonight when they visit the Atlanta Falcons. After the game, the team will have to start making some tough decisions, with the leagueís...Phinsider Radio: Miami Dolphins preseason, backup QB talk, fantasy football, Aaron Rodgers & more - The PhinsiderThis week on Phinsider Radio, we look at the Miami Dolphins preseason and talk about both positive and negative aspects thus far. We also dive into the backup quarterback situation, fantasy football and the Aaron Rodgers deal

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