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BEIJING Women's Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 2.0 Hot Punch Grey UK , Aug. 26 (Xinhuanet) -- The Yunnan Wild Animal Park in the provincial capital of Kunming is currently offering night tours for visitors, the first time any wildlife reservation in China has offered such an experience.

On Aug 9, the park introduced the night ride, which takes visitors in a car through a large forest in the northeastern area of the reservation that is inhabited by at least 40 kinds of animals, including peacocks, gibbons Women's Nike Air VaporMax 97 Silver Bullet UK , baboons and zebras.

Park officials said it's a unique chance to see how animals behave at night. It charges 100 yuan ($16.35) per person and suggests visitors book their tickets a day ahead by telephone or Internet. The tour, which can accommodate 100 visitors each night, begins at 7 pm and lasts until midnight.

On one particular ride recently, most of the animals were resting as night fell. A guide was explaining where the animals could be found.

Not far from the entrance to the forest were some gibbons. Most had a penchant for robbing their night guests of food. Lele was the most aggressive of them and headed straight for any tempting food.

The gibbon, whose forehead wrinkles made many people laugh, was a very entertaining ape Men's Nike Air Vapormax CS Triple Black UK , at one point showing his bottom and shaking his body at a visitor who teased him with bananas.

As the road led into the forest, a few zebras were on a slow but elegant walk. The park allows visitors to feed the zebras, but on this night, the male zebras were in a fight for mating rights as several females watched nearby. One of the male zebras hit the neck of its opponent and bit it while kicking it with a front hoof. The tour car passed by before a victor was determined.

As the car drove on, a group of ostriches were scared off and ran into the adjacent meadows. Very often, visitors might encounter ostriches that are camouflaged in the brush where they sleep.

Flashlights are the best tool to find the hidden animals Men's Nike Vapormax Flyknit Team Red UK , but camera flashes are not allowed during the tour for fear the flashes might hurt the animals' eyesight. Surprisingly, some animals were extremely calm when they saw the flashlights.

One part of the tour's routine is to ask a random visitor to hold up a banana and to keep it up as long as

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