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So as you know there have been massive changes and growths in the popularity of smell o vision in recent years. Scent marketing is taking off; this year it is anticipated to have massive growth – especially now the recessions hit.

I want to quickly address the wave of negativity against smell o vision Rasheem Green Youth Jersey , I have been noticing on my travels across the Internet.

1- People don’t seem to like the idea of odours filling the room while they are chowing down on a bag of warm popcorn. I hate that word; odour. It very unlikely any director or financier would risk the loss of profit or credibility by causing physical disgust – for a prolonged period anyway. They may have the occasional bad smell – but i think its safe to say it would be in the interest of the viewer ad hence the wallets of the producers.

2- People are complaining about being bombarded with smells when simply trying to enjoy a movie. Well it has happened in the past but new – more precise technology has been developed which allows the precise release and extraction of scents in accordance with key scenes in the movie. Movies haven’t and wont have a constant stream of scents being released, firstly its too costly, second it is counterproductive and third people just wont like it.

3- People are complaining about allergies – one word; don’t. New technology allows a dry air system to be used (especially use full in shops) for everyone to enjoy and benefit from.

Now seeing as some of the objections have been answered I’m sure like myself more and more people will invite this technology into their homes. The good news is Portuguese designer Nuno Teixeira shares this vision and has proposed a device called Smellit. Smellit is concept developed to introduce smell o vision into the home and is designed to work with our DVD players to release smells 5-10 seconds before the corresponding scene. The device has the ability to store 118 scents and may also be compatible with regular tv broadcasting.

Mmmm, love the smell of Kratos in the morning. Smells like…ashes :

You ever wanted to smell whatever you’re watching in a movie? Cheap perfume Michael Dickson Youth Jersey , sweat and shame. Get it? Because you’re watching p0rno. Me? I’m watching cartoons, which are actually like p0rno to some people because, I dunno, they weren’t allowed to watch Saturday morning cartoons growing up or something. DO I LOOK LIKE A PSYCHOLOGIST TO YOU?! “Not with that crash helmet on Will Dissly Youth Jersey , no.” Exactly, I’m clearly a stuntman. This is SMELLIT, a system that mixes and disperses fragrances to coincide with a movie.

The SMELLIT (yes, that is seriously it’s name) is a new gadget from French company Olf-action (as in “olefaction” Rashaad Penny Youth Jersey , get it?) and it’s designed to add “the smell dimension” to various forms of digital entertainment. And given the face that Olf-action already makes a smell-syncronization system for movie theaters called Odoravision, there’s a good chance this is going to be made into an actual product you can buy someday.

Admittedly, I would feel a little more comfortable breaking wind in the theater if there was a SMELLIT system in place. Because right now all I can do is cover the noise by laughing and talking really loud.

By David Ponce

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