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you want to learn how to do article marketing like a robot Cheap Custom Jerseys , here’s what you need to know:

The actual value of even the biggest article directories has been wearing away since the Google Farmer update. What this boils down to is garbage in, garbage out. Thanks to Travis Sago and his Bum Marketing Method in part, people get into internet marketing and find a “free” (your time isn’t really free, is it?) method of getting some recognition and link juice for their sites.

Marketers use articles to promote solutions for such diverse areas as erectile dysfunction and Acne remedies. The problem is that most of the marketers promoting this stuff throw out articles like it’s going out of style to the major directories.

The sum total of this is that the value of these links is diminished greatly. With these directories not having as much worth in their backlink value Cheap Replica Jerseys , they are scrambling to improve their worth by cracking down on junk content. And if it affects the bottom line of the directories, you know it will affect us as marketers.

My business partner recently had an issue with his own EZA account that really should have never happened. Raising their standards is noble, but they are bothering with the wrong person on this particular matter- he’s no spammer!. All in all, only higher quality articles are what the directories have self regulated themselves to accept.

So how do you do article marketing like a robot?

Here’s the gist: there’s more than one way to skin a cat. There’s are tons of directories out there that you can publish to- a lot of them with high PR Cheap Authentic Jerseys , even!

What does tons mean? It means thousands! You’d need to automate to actually submit to all of them. But isn’t that what got directories in trouble? All the submissions?

Yes, nothing has changed in that respect. You don’t want to submit garbage, as is often the case with spun content.

Trust me, I’ve used a lot of spinners. But some just turn out material I’d be ashamed to show any of my college professors. Shame on EZA for approving them in the first place!

Here’s where the question in the title really gets answered:

In order to do article marketing like a robot Cheap Jerseys , you need a program called Article Marketing Robot.

What does it do? In a nutshell, it will help you to produce good content (in terms of quality spinning) and submit it to lots of directories. I’ve used Best Spinner and lots of others, but the one that comes built into this program is phenomenal and leaves all the others as also rans.

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