When new Panthers owner David Tepper signed former

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When new Panthers owner David Tepper signed former Pro Bowl safety and social activist Eric Reid it was another clear sign to players that times are changing in Carolina under his leadership.Tepper is showing the players in his locker room that he's eager to listen — and get involved — when it comes to social and racial injustice.Tepper supported the players' protests and this week he accompanied Carolina players Torrey Smith and J.J. Jansen on a "listen and learn" tour in Charlotte with law enforcement Cheap Trai Turner Jersey , public defenders and social justice advocates. The group discussed solutions to what the Players Coalition said are "systemic issues that lead to racially and ethnically disparate over-incarceration" in North Carolina.The agenda topics included bail reform, racial disparity regarding policing, segregation and the lack of educational resources for youth in low-income communities of color."He's a person that really cares about the community," said Smith, a Panthers wide receiver and member of the Players Coalition. "It's not just about the flawed criminal justice system, it is about need in general. And he's all over it. He's very well educated in that field, and he cares a lot. I believe he is the perfect owner for this city and the challenges it has."Smith's comments seem to represent a 180-degree change in how the players view ownership — and it's only been three months since the 61-year-old hedge fund founder purchased the team.The Panthers previous owner and team founder Jerry Richardson erred on a more conservative side."They just signed Eric Reid," said former Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams. "There's no way ... the (previous) owner was going to touch Eric Reid."Players also no longer seem to have a fear of retaliation if they express themselves.In September of 2017, while Colin Kaepernick, Reid and others around the league were protesting racial and social injustices, players on the Carolina sideline all stood. The closest thing there was to a protest was by Julius Peppers, who remained in the tunnel for one game while the national anthem played.Some players say they were concerned about being punished — or cut — by Richardson if they protested.Panthers safety Eric Ball had once raised his hand and one finger after a black man was shot in Charlotte by police officers in 2016. He was cut from the roster a few days later.The frustration among the players prompted a meeting between Richardson and the team's captains about their stances on protesting racial and social injustice. While quarterback Cam Newton later said at the time the meeting "productive," no players protested on the sideline the following week.That could change Sunday when the Panthers host the New York Giants.Reid hasn't decided if he'll kneel or not, saying that he's "still evaluating the scope of our country" and that he would make that decision later.Based on his previous actions, Tepper — who was not made available for comment through requests made to the Panthers — likely would have no problem if Reid takes a knee.Tepper recently defended NFL players in an interview with CNBC in September, saying the protests are about "justice for all." He also it makes him aggravated when people call players unpatriotic for protesting, saying "it's just wrong, it's dead wrong."Newton said Wednesday that Tepper has been "everything that we could have asked for and more" as an owner.Jansen, the team's long snapper, likes what he's seen too."It's very empowering for the players that the issues that we are interested in, he's interested in them, too," said Jansen Cheap Donte Jackson Jersey , the team's long snapper. "That's not to say that he will agree with every player on every issue, but the fact that he finds them to be important issues to learn about is important."Smith believes this is just the beginning."This city will be better because of Tepper being the owner," Smith said.AP Motorsports Writer Jenna Fryer contributed to this report. Hello. My name is Erik Sommers, and I am a realist. I’m not one to irrationally believe or disbelieve in anything at all. In matters of real concern, I won’t commit one way or another without an abundance of data proving or disproving my statements, and I think for any one person’s words to be taken seriously, they shouldn’t either.The Carolina Panthers have long been an exception to this.Since drafting Cam Newton, I have believed that the Panthers are capable of beating any given team on any given day of the week. I’ll hear nothing of your historical data analysis, and your home vs. away splits, or all the reasons you think we are deficient in one area that is especially crippling against our next opponent. In my head, the Panthers are going to win the football game. It may not be pretty, it may be unconventional, and it almost certainly will be maddeningly closer than it ought to be... but dammit, they are going to win.This may come as a surprise to some of you that only know me as an editor on this blog, where I tend to keep most of my writing in check and as objective as possible. I do this, because I feel that all of you deserve an honest analysis of everything, whether that be our team’s offensive line situation from week to week, or how I feel about our pass rush, present and future. When I present you information, I think it is important to state the situation how it is as best as I can in a realm so steeply opinion-based as professional football journalism. I want you to be able to take that information and apply it to your own fandom as you see fit.But on gameday, I am just as big a Panthers fanatic as anyone. I yell at players on TV about what they should have done. I scream at officials that can’t hear me. I suddenly become religious and ask for divine intervention in moments that any deity couldn’t give two nickels about. I am completely unruly at games, both home and away. I cuss on Twitter, in both jubilation and humiliation Da'Norris Searcy Jersey , with a regularity that would probably make my mother blush if she knew how to operate social media. The Panthers losing used to affect my entire day negatively, something I’ve learned to get better about for the sake of my friends and family, but it is still a heavy emotion I have to deal with. I care a lot about this team’s success, without a doubt.I do this, and throw my entire life philosophy to the wind, because the Carolina Panthers and their NFL brethren have proven time and time again that rationality and reason have no place here. This is a league where anyone can beat anyone on any given matchup, and I have certainly seen much more far fetched winning scenarios come to pass than the Panthers beating the Steelers at Pittsburgh in primetime. This one isn’t far flung for me at all, really. I think we match up with them quite well given what I have seen over the past few weeks. Believe, because this was a thing that happened on an actual NFL football field.espn.comRemember, in the past three weeks, we have proved the following true:This team can make massive comebacks and win in hostile environments.This team can score lots of points on even the league’s best defense.This team can score just as readily as the league’s best offense and win a shootout.Why then, could they not topple any team in the league? Is it because we’re playing the Steelers and people just assume they will win any given game? Why do you think that is?Because their fans believe they will win every game. They honestly believe that, and that attitude affects all coverage of that team. They’ve had a lot of success over the years and have earned that attitude, but the Panthers have not been without their victories as well. We may still not have a Super Bowl ring, but really our franchise is young and right now is experiencing some of its best years. It’s high time that this entire fan base stop preparing itself for losing, and start believe they will win ever game they play, like they nearly did in 2015. It is time to change the culture.The players sure as hell believe that. If their “drip” levels were any higher, we’d have to shut down the entire locker room due to water damage. It’s time to follow their leads as fans, because that is what being a fan is all about. Believe we will win. Every time. Throw caution to the wind, and enjoy the ride.KEEP POUNDING.

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