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Daniel Bruno: What did you dream of being before you wanted to be a tennis star?Genie Bouchard: I never dreamed of anything other than being a tennis player. I started playing when I was 5 years old and by 9 I knew I was going to be a professional tennis player.DB: Take me through the feeling of fulfilling the dream of winning Wimbledon? I know you have had this dream, so take me through that.GB: For sure, its been my goal since I was younger, its always been my dream. I think I wont even be able to describe the feeling of what it will be like. I already experienced a finals at Wimbledon and that was already amazing, so to actually hold up the trophy one day will be something incredible. #171744719 / gettyimages.com DB: Ready for the hard hitting questions?GB: (Smiles) Yup!DB: If you were in a Mean Girls dream world and...GB: Like Mean Girls the movie?DB: Yeah, like Mean Girls the movie…GB: I love that movie, thats my favourite movie!DB: Okay so you cant pick Lindsay Lohans character, but which one of the three main Mean Girls would you be?GB: Regina George, of course! Ive actually been called that before.DB: Really?GB: Oh yeah, that mean, tough side that she has. It comes out on the tennis court.(popsugar.com)DB: Is anyone on the tour in your burn book?GB: (Laughs, then goes serious) All of them. (laughs again). I dont think there are too many friendships on the tour, so Ill just put them all in my burn book.DB: Whats a Genie dream date look like?GB: I think a dream date would be something where the guy actually plans something and doesnt just ask you what you wanna do. And actually has anything planned, whether it be dinner, a movie, a walk in the park, just something that was actually planned and something with thought that actually goes into it. Instead of like, "Oh, what do you wanna do?"… I cant stand that.DB: Makes sense, thats not too much to ask. So, if youre in a super weird dream world where youre an emoji…GB: (Bursts out laughing) Who comes up with this stuff!?DB: (Shamefully) Me… (laughs).GB: Oh my god! (laughs) Okay, thats such a great question because I have so many emojis that I love. Hmm, wow which emoji would I be (thinking). I think Id be the one with the girl going like that (sticks her hand out to the side palm up). You know the one with a little sass?DB: Oh yeah, is that the one… Wait, is that the one thats like dancing? The salsa dancer one?GB: No no no no, its the one that goes like this (makes same gesture as before)…DB: Ohhhh I know the one youre talking about, the one wearing pink? GB: Yes! Shes super sassy, which I think I am, so I think that would work.(hercampus.com)DB: How about Disney characters, which Disney character are you in your dreams?GB: Wow, Ive never thought about this. Um, (thinking) Cinderella? (laughs). I like to think Im a princess.DB: So, in this super weird dream world where everyone has moustaches because of Movember, who looks better in a moustache?GB: Roger, of course. Roger looks better in every situation, so youre not going to get a fair answer out of me because Im biased.DB: So, you just got back from Manitoba, checking out some polar bears. Personally, Id be afraid of seeing polar bears up-close, what was that experience like?GB: Well, it wasnt that scary, you know, we were protected because we either saw them from a helicopter or we saw them from our buggy, which was kind of like a souped up school bus. And they would come up to the buggy and be like feet away from you. I got a selfie with one, I dunno if you saw it. But they still look super cute and cuddly, so until they probably actually bite you, they have this charm on you, so its probably hard to see that coming.DB: Can you go BarDown?GB: Of course! I can do anything thats good. ???? #polarbearselfie pic.twitter.com/CWR9U6jc1m — Eugenie Bouchard (@geniebouchard) November 11, 2014Genie Bouchard is Coca-Colas newest athlete partner, signing a three-year sponsorship agreement in June 2014. World Wildlife Fund is also a Coca-Cola partner, working together to raise funds and awareness to create a safe haven for polar bears in the high Arctic. Coca-Cola had the opportunity to bring its newest partner on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Churchill, Manitoba – a world-renowned tourist destination known for its polar bears - to see the polar bears habitat up close and to learn more about our work with WWF to protect the polar bears home. Cyber Monday Jerseys . But when it was all over they had wasted another lead, seen another pitcher flame out on the mound and lost their fourth straight at home. Fake Jerseys For Sale . It was the most lopsided loss in Lakers history. Darren Collison had a team-high 24 points while starting at shooting guard for the injured Jamal Crawford. Chris Paul added 13 points and 11 assists for the Clippers, who apparently are trying to make up for decades of humiliation at the hands of the Lakers all in one season; theyve won the last two meetings by a combined 84 points. https://www.fakejerseyswholesale.com/. Alina Fodorova of Ukraine took third place. Broersen based her gold-medal performance on great high jumping, and finished with 4,830 points, while Theisen-Eaton, from Humboldt, Sask., set a national record of 4,768. Cheap Nike Jerseys . On Sunday, head coach Patrick Roy said the teams leading scorer will skate at Mondays morning practice and the club will make a decision on his status for Game 6 at that point. Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping . Mika Zibanejad and Jason Spezza scored in the shootout to lead the Ottawa Senators to a 2-1 victory over Nashville on Saturday night.Each week, The Reporters put their thumbs out to the good and the bad in the world of sports. This week they discuss the tactics of coaches Mike Tomlin and Jason Kidd, the strategy of the Raptors Rudy Gay, and the glow of victory in Saskatchewan. Bruce Arthur, National Post: My thumb is up to Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, who jumped out of the way just in time to avoid a thumbs down. Tomlins Steelers were down 13-7 to the Ravens Thursday night when Baltimores Jacoby Jones took off on a kick return that was interrupted just enough by a certain Steelers head coach nonchalantly watching himself on the Jumbotron as he strayed onto the edge of the field. Tomlin leaped out of the way just in time; Jones had to change direction just enough that he was tackled. Tomlin grinned like the Cheshire Cat. Pittsburgh didnt win, but come on. There are lots of ways to sort of cheat, but using the Jumbotron as a rearview mirror? Timing your jump out of the way? Thumbs up to sort of cheating with style. Steve Simmons, Sun Media: My thumb is up to Jason Kidd, the struggling rookie coach with the Brooklyn Nets, who cant seem to do anything right in his first year removed from playing the game. Kidds nets cant win games but at least give him points for creativity: the other night he was out of timeouts late against the Los Angeles Lakers and while standing in front of the bench, quietly asked one of his players to bump him so he could inadvertently spill his soft drink on the court. The ploy worked. Sort of. He got his stoppage. But the NBA, lacking a sense of humour afterwards, and a sense of pity for the overmatched coach, fined Kidd $50,000.dddddddddddd Maybe, in this season gone wrong, they should have looked the other way, applauding him for his guile. Michael Farber, Sports Illustrated: Because there is no "I" in either the word "stat" or "sheet," my thumb is up to Raptors forward Rudy Gay, who has banned those offending stat sheets from the post-game locker room. Gay says the only stat that matters is the "W." This is true - as long as, say, youre not trying to negotiate a contract. Anyway, this selfless stand is worthy of applause, unlike Gays shot selection and shooting efficiency. If his teammates could peruse the stats immediately after a game, they might note that Gay, shooting 38 percent on the season, has had games of 6-for-23 and 11-for-37. Gays right. Nothing to see here. Dave Hodge, TSN: My thumb is up to Saskatchewan - to the province, to the people, to the football fans, to the football team. The Grey Cup was their celebration, and for the rest of the country, it was a reminder of what sports can do to inspire, to enthuse, to make life better or just to make life seem better. It has long been said of the Saskatchewan Roughriders that theyre the favourite team of some CFL fans and the second-favourite team of all the others. Their Grey Cup victory and the reaction to it explained that for anyone who wasnt sure why the team in green was so easy to root for - you just had to watch last Sunday and look at the faces - in the crowd and under the watermelons and inside the helmets and you understood. We havent seen a sports story told so well by pictures alone in a long time. ' ' '

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