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Serious structural defects in bulk drugs Business Articles | January 30 Derek Jeter Yankees Jersey , 2012
From the eleventh exhibition CPHI, we can understand that: reflect trading conditions, bulk drug raw material price movements fatigue, cardiovascular drugs 54 times growth in exports, but the alarming decline in the prices; exports are raw materials, drugs, low-end products are the main features not changed.

According to the China Chamber of Commerce health care monitoring and statistics, last year's pharmaceutical raw materials exports grew 39.53% Sonny Gray Youth Jersey , exports increased by 31.31%, the average export price fell 5.89%. Which, VC export price fell by more than 30%, cephalosporins are not very optimistic about the situation in foreign trade. In contrast, the VE, VB, and tetracycline, etc. Aaron Judge Youth Jersey , the market demand increases, prices rise. Overall, China's API serious structural defects, the industry chain adjustment is imminent.

This, VC of the situation is not optimistic. In addition to the current DSM VC foreign manufacturers are in China, but a serious oversupply. Although last year has spread to the implementation of VC limited production, the quota given to the provinces. Like so worried and VC companies products are antibiotics, especially cephalosporins. With several major pharmaceutical companies of 7-ACA projects have started production Dellin Betances Youth Jersey , production capacity will add 7600 tons during the year, although the actual production capacity has not been fully realized, but export prices have plummeted.

And VC, 7-ACA prices runs counter to the species is VE, VB, and penicillin products. Health Insurance Association statistics show that exports of penicillin products average price in April rose 7.69% ,6-APA further increase the proportion of 1 to 4 months total export volume and export volume increased by 8.91% and 7.99%. Reporters also found in the CPHI meeting 4AA, 6-APA and the price relative to the 7-ACA in terms of steady rebound in business analysis Aroldis Chapman Youth Jersey , this is the first two prices have been low, has no room to fall without no relationship.

?Limited power, raw material prices, environmental pressures and other factors are the causes of the rising cost of doing business. Overall, China's API exports to maintain prices, but prices are not rose. Large variety of cyclical excess capacity to export low-end products is the main short-term situation is difficult to change. "

Varieties in China's exports last year, the average price of over $ 100 kg of a 27, accounting for 12.11% the proportion of all species Zach Britton Youth Jersey , but the exports accounted for only 5.59%. The average price of over $ 500 varieties, 60% of export volume growth, 80% of the average price rose varieties, reflecting the high-end products in the market stable, but the proportion of low-end API. 47% of the average export price of raw materials, types of drugs in the 10 U.S. dollars kg, indicating low levels of homogeneity, low-cost competition highlights.

The export tax rebate is that the enterprises of great concern. In the Health Insurance Association's "China and the World: Medicine Summit was to improve the quality of goods-cum-trade policy interpretation will be" C.C. Sabathia Youth Jersey , there should be high-tech companies make high value-added tax rebates difference between exports of bulk drugs, bulk drugs, but because most comprehensive code for the Customs Code, the regulatory institutions said, raising the export tax rebate is more difficult, companies should still work in other areas, this can not place too much hope.

Another concern is that in 2010 India has replaced the U.S. as China's largest Chia seed export destination API, the API imports from China more than the average price of European and American countries. This reflects India's downstream API products or brand has advantages. Chinese raw material medicine Greg Bird Youth Jersey , India to do preparations, channels and brands in Western countries do, this has not changed. China is now the API is also the ring into her arms, but still in most low-end chain.

Pharmaceutical bulk drugs exports to China mainly to low-end products is difficult to change the structure, large varieties of cyclical downturn in the price situation has not changed, the business risk remains significant. API serious structural defects in the industry, companies should lower the value chain development, but in the current national policy and funding support to a considerable degree of support is not the case Giancarlo Stanton Youth Jersey , this situation will continue for the short term. General rise in the cost of the case, the export price can not sync up, API China will adversely affect the potential for trade, is worrying.Source:http:www.cospcn When traveling to poorer or fewer-made parts, prevent touching any of the local animals. This clearly consists of farm animals, but also handles stray cats and pet dogs as properly as draft or pack animals. You by no means know what ailments these animals could be carrying, and odds are you will not have the identical immunities as the locals.

Ditch the fanny pack. Not only do you glance the part of a tourist, a fanny pack is usually simple pickings for a thief. If you crave the comfort of the fanny pack DJ LeMahieu Youth Jersey , take into consideration obtaining a multi-pocket journey vest alternatively. These have just as a lot but retain the items shut to your system where they are safer.

When touring to a distinct place, make positive that you happen to be open up to diverse neighborhood customs. Some strategies may be peculiar, but be respectful of other cultures. Not showing respect and not paying focus to community customs can be a real downer for your trip producing you to not experience welcomed in a metropolis.

When you happen to be traveling to an unfamiliar city, make confident to devote a few minutes chatting with

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