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Clay is introduced as the Funkiest something. Disco music hits Kevin Byard Jersey , two dancers come out and then Brodus Clay returns. Clay is dancing and dressed in an Adidas jumpsuit. Clay hits the ring with his dancers and they dance. Curt Hawkins looks on disapprovingly.

They lock up and Hawkins goes behind. Clay moves his hips around and Hawkins breaks the hold. Hawkins smacks Clay. Clay unloads and overpowers Hawkins. Clay hits a big overhead suplex and dances around. Clay hits a big splash in the corner and then a big splash in the middle of the ring for the win.

Winner: “The Funk-asaurus” Brodus Clay

– Zack Ryder is backstage talking to himself in the mirror, excited about getting a date with Eve. Ryder runs off scared about Kane being behind him.

– The Miz is talking with Primo Derrick Henry Jersey , Epico and Rosa Mendes about protecting him but they aren’t interested either so they walk off. CM Punk walks by and laughs at Miz before heading to the ring. Back to commercial.

Jack Swagger vs. CM Punk

Back from the break and out comes Jack Swagger with Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler. WWE Champion CM Punk is out next to a nice pop from the crowd.

John Laurinaitis comes out and announces that if Punk wins tonight, Vickie and Swagger are banned from ringside for the Dolph vs. Punk match at the Rumble. Laurinaitis also announces Ziggler vs. John Cena for tonight. The bell rings and Punk locks up with Swagger. Swagger takes Punk down and works on the arm. They trade holds and go back to the ropes.

Swagger keeps in control of Punk in the corner. Punk breaks out and slams Swagger before going to the top. Punk calls for the big elbow drop but Swagger rolls out of the ring to re-group. Swagger comes back in and beats Punk down with forearms and right hands. Punk ducks a clothesline Jonnu Smith Jersey , and another, then hit a crossbody for 2. Punk with a high elbow and more right hands to the face. Swagger counters and applies the ankle lock. Punk kicks out of it but Swagger goes back to work on his knee. Swagger runs Punk over with a shoulder block and he goes down. Swagger with knees in the corner now. Swagger takes Punk back to the mat.

Punk tries to counter but Swagger rolls him up for 2. Swagger tosses Punk to the floor. Ziggler wanders over but Laurinaitis stops him from attacking. Punk comes back in and clotheslines Swagger out to the floor. Punk runs and dives through the ropes Corey Davis Jersey , taking Swagger out. Punk grabs Swagger and picks him up as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Swagger is in control. Swagger with a big slam and a 2 count. Punk finally fights back with kicks and a shot to the jaw. Punk with more offense and a big neckbreaker. Punk hits the high knee in the corner and goes for the bulldog but Swagger pushes him off and hits the Swagger Bomb for a 2 count. Swagger takes back control of the match and gets another 2 count. Punk slides out of the gutwrench powerbomb but Swagger blocks GTS. Swagger ducks a kick and hits a belly to belly on Punk for 2.

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