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The Story Of Make A Fortune by Writing iPhone Apps

Apple’s software store has tens of thousands of programs Martinas Rankin Womens Jersey , many people stand up and therefore fortune, newset reported on three stories.

Last August, the engineer of SUN Ethan Nicholas and his wife Nicole was worry about money, mortgage payment does not come out, the children’s medical expenses continued to accumulate, together with SUN freeze the annual bonus, Nicholas had to start looking new work, also began to commission to sell their house. But then he suddenly remembered an article that he had been read about a guy called Trism earned $ 250,000 through writing an iPhone video game application. “I want to say Justin Reid Womens Jersey , as long as one of the little income, it will enough to get through this period.“ He said.

Although 30 year old Nicholas has many years of writing experience, but never used the iPhone’s programming language Objective-C, he found the data from Internet, to understand the method that Apple’s iPhone software development tools used.

As a child, he liked to play shooting video games, so he decided to progress to this regard, he drew some pictures, went to the library site to buy a very cheap picture and sound files. There were six weeks Benardrick McKinney Womens Jersey , he worked at all daily breakfast, evening, during the day he study the Java developers in the SUN, in the afternoon for his iPhone project, and in the evening, to help his wife to take care of two children, sometimes he had to knock on the computer keyboard with one hand constantly while the other hand was shaking the youngest child Gavin’s cradle to help him for sleeping, or holding on the brother Spencer on his knees.

Upon completion, Nicholas gave Apple to review Kevin Johnson Womens Jersey , was soon passed, the application of iShoot officially appeared on the Apple App Store on October 19. And therefore he viewed online Apple account, to look the number of selling the sets of applications, the result was that Nicholas’s jaw almost fell down: the first day, each $ 4.99 iShoot earned $ 1,000 in real terms, he said, he and his wife Nicole almost “really went to the street to dance.“ And the sales were $ 2,000 in next day. On the third day Nick Martin Womens Jersey , the amount fell to $ 50, then every day for weeks to maintain this amount. “That’s the nice little money, but I keep thinking to do better

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