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Everyone is familiar with suspensions in the NFL. Every year there are always a number of players banned Parris Campbell Jersey , but usually only a couple of them are notable. Yet, this season is far worse than anything we have seen recently. If you took all the suspended players and made a team with them, they'd likely do pretty well.For fans, this is the most frustrating part of the game. Everyone is numb to seeing their favorite players miss games without notice, as injuries have always plagued the NFL. Despite having the same effect , suspensions carry a very different feeling. This is because they are completely avoidable. There are only a handful of reasons a player gets suspended and none of them are acceptable.The first is the NFL's most common - performance-enhancing drugs. NFLers don't get as much criticism as athletes in other sports do for PED use. This is largely because the NFL doesn't release information on what exactly the player took. As a result, many athletes have claimed they used very mild drugs. It makes fans think the NFL is just being overly strict. They could easily be lying about it, but will always get the benefit of the doubt.The second is substance abuse - using illegal drugs or going overboard with alcohol. While some believe the NFL shouldn't punish players for this, it doesn't change the fact that players need to respect the rule while it's in place. Giving up drugs and controlling your drinking is a small price to pay for your career. It is incredibly disappointing to see a talented athlete disagree.The last one is suspensions for dangerous on-the-field plays. Everyone will remember the absurdity last season between Odell Beckham and Josh Norman. It's entertaining to see players get into a rivalry and go at it. When they start trying to injure each other, the fun dies incredibly quickly.Here are the NFL's top 15 players who will be watching opening week from their couch Jersey , just like the rest of us. The 2019 NFL Draft will be something different.This isn't a class that is top-heavy on quarterback prospects. The 2018 Draft was loaded with promising signal-callers, which included Baker Mayfield, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold and Lamar Jackson. Unless your name is Drew Lock or Justin Herbert Noah Fant Jersey , there's a high chance we don't see many quarterbacks go in the first round this year.Heck, there might not even be a quarterback taken in the top 10 this year. Herbert and Lock are the top two prospects, sure, but they don't come with that can't-miss label. There is a risk in taking these quarterbacks early, but the reward is greater anyway.The 2019 NFL Draft class is stacked with stud pass rushers and defensive linemen. There's a great chance that at least seven of the top 10 draft picks will be a combination of linebackers , edge rushers and interior linemen. And considering that many of the worst teams from 2018 are in desperate need of a pass rush, it's a safe assumption that the the first 10 to 15 picks will be loaded with front seven players.The tricky part in this article was to determine how the draft order will look. There are four games to go, and a half-dozen teams have a realistic shot at picking in the top two. But the draft is still four months away, and a lot can change. Let's simply have some fun and project the top 10 selections of the 2019 NFL Draft, and the teams that might select them.

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