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As Bubble Tea is hugely popular in queens and all over the U.S Chris Carson Jersey , we''ll love to present 6 things bubble tea lovers in Queens must know.

You Can Judge A Bubble Tea Store By Its Tapioca Pearl

A good boba tea store can be identified by its tapioca pearls. Good tapioca pearl should be soft and chewed 5 to 6 times. If you have to chew the pearl up to 20 times then it''s too chewy and hard. That''s a total turn off. If it breaks off in your mouth after 2 to 3 bites, then you just chewed an overcooked pearl- A big turn off.

Gong Cha''s bubble tea store in Queens makes sure their pearls are kept fresh every 2 hours. Checking the quality of a pearl is a good way to gauge whether or not the bubble tea store cares about the quality of their bubble tea.

There Are Now Different Kinds Of Boba Tea; Ice Tea, Milk Tea, Mousse Tea, Fruity Tea Ugo Amadi Jersey , And In Fact, Coconut Water Tea!

Boba tea has sporadically evolved over the last decades and has different categories. The milk tea is the typical form of bubble tea. It is a preferred option for people in Asian countries because that''s their typical impression of a bubble tea; milk tea mixed with tapioca.

And then came the ice tea which is popular in the US. ice tea is tea with different fruit flavors. There are usually new types of bubble teas coming up every time. For example, Gong cha recently started selling dirty brown milk tea.

There Is A Way Professionals Dip Straws into Bubble Tea In Queens
If you just deep your straw inside the plastic, the bubble tea may leak out from the hole. Here''s how to dip your straw like a pro:

Place your thumb on top of the straw to block air, then confidently dip the straw down. That''s how professional bubble tea drinkers dip their straw.

Taro Milk Tea Is An Exceptionally Good Bubble Tea Flavor In Queens

Bubble tea lovers know taro milk is incredible. It''s a favorite among bubble tea lovers. Taro is made with yams and taro root but tastes like cream and cookies.
First Timers Should Order The Ice Tea Or Classic Milk Tea

If it''s your first time of trying bubble tea Phil Haynes Jersey , we''d advise you to go for classic bubble tea and some tapioca pearl. That''s a traditional definition of bubble tea. Also, if you want to go a bit higher, especially on a sunny day, order the passion fruit tea or an iced peach tea.

Boba Teas Are Gluten-Free And Very Healthy

Most people think bubble tea is not healthy, and that it''s made with artificial ingredients Gary Jennings Jr. Jersey , and too much sugar. That''s so wrong. Gong cha''s bubble tea is healthy, brewed fresh, and more natural.

Unlike other brands which use powdered cream, We use organic fresh milk. Our customers are free to choose their preferred sugar level. You can choose a full sugar, half sugar Cody Barton Jersey , or no sugar at all. There''s also the option to replace the sugar with honey.

About the Author:

Rosario Berry is a professional freelance writer, like to introduce Gong Cha Franchise. Its innovative and they periodically add new Bubble Tea Series to their menu, which gives their customers even a wider selection to choose from.
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Rosario Berry is an eminent author writing and publishing articles on various topics.
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