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Question: 1

AOS-Switches will enforce 802.1X authentication on edge ports. The company has tow RADIUS server Cheap NFL Jerseys , which are meant to provide redundancy and load sharing of requests. The exhibit shows the planned RADIUS settlings to deploy to the switches.
What should customer understand about this plan?

A. AOS switches do not support two RADIU server for redundancy, instead Cheap Jerseys China , a secondary authentication method is required.
B. Dynamic authorization is only permitted on one of the RADIUS server and must be remove from the other.
C. Each RADIUS server must use a unique port number for the authentication and dynamic authorization port.
D. Each AOS-Switch will send all RADIUS requests to the first server on the list unless that server becomes unreachable.

Answer: D

Question: 2

An administrator wants to ensure that an AOS-Switch forwards all traffic that it receives on interface 1 with high priority.

What should the administrator check to ensure that the configuration will work properly?

A. Interface 1 receives traffic with a tag
B. The AOS-Switch is configured to use eight queues.
C. The forwarding path for the traffic uses VLAN tags.
D. An 802.1p-to-DSCP map exists for priority 5.

Answer: A

Question: 3

A network administrator sets up prioritization for an application that runs between Device 1 and Device 2, However Cheap Jerseys , the QoS for the application is not what the administrator expects. How can the administrator check if the network infrastructure prioritizes traffic from Device 1 to Device 2 ?

A. Run a packet capture on Device 2, run the application Wholesale NFL Jerseys Shop , and look in the packet capture for a high value DSCP in the IP header.
B. Set up RMON alarms on the switches that trigger when a high number of packets are dropped. Then run the application and check for the alarm.
C. Clear interface statistics on the switches. Then, run the application and check the interface queue statistics for the switch-to-switch links.
D. Run a packet capture on Device 1. Then Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap , run the application and look in the packet capture for a high value DSCP in the IP header.

Answer: C

Question: 4

The exhibits show the current operational state for routes on Switch-3. The company wants Switch-3 to prefer the link to Switch-1 over the link to Switch-2 for all intra-area, inter-area Wholesale NFL Jerseys Free Shipping , and external traffic. What can the network administrator do to achieve this goal?

A. Set the OSPF cost on VLAN 108 higher than 1 on Switch-2 and Switch-3.
B. Set the OSPF administrative distance on Switch-2 higher than 110.
C. Set the OSPF area type to normal on all of the switches in Area 1.
D. Set the cost in the OSPF Area 1 stub command higher than 1 on Switch-2.

Answer: D

Question: 5

An AOS-Switch implements tunneled node: Which benefit does the PAPI enhanced security key provide?

A. It validates the signature for firmware pushed to the switch dynamically.
B. It encrypts traffic sent and received by tunneled-node endpoints.
C. It authenticates control traffic between the switch and it Mobility Controller.
D. It provides an extra layer of authentication for endpoints on tunneled-node ports.

Answer: A

Question: 6

A network administrator needs to deploy AOS-Switches that implement port-based tunneled node. Their Aruba controller IP address The architect has assigned tunneled-node endpoints to VLAN 20.
What is one issue with the current configuration planned for VLAN 20 on the switch?

A. VLAN 20 must have GRE enabled on it.
B. VLAN 20 cannot have an IP address.
C. VLAN 20 must have an IP address in the same subnet as the controller.
D. VLAN 20 must not enabled jumbo frames.

Answer: B

Question: 7

OSPF Area 1 has two ABRs, One ABR is configured with this range for Area 1: The other ABR is not configured with a range for Area 1.
Which type of issue occurs due to this mismatch?

A. The ABRs create a discontiguous area and disrupt intra-area routing between devices within Area 1.
B. The ABR core would send area 1 traffic destined to the other switch through an access switch.
C. The ABRs lose adjacency entirely and cannot route traffic between each other at all.
D. The ABRs lose adjacency in Area 1 and must route all traffic t each other through area 0.

Answer: C
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