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Have you been thinking about attending a networking event but keep putting it off because;

a) It''s all just an excuse for those that love to hear themselves talk to get more and more ?air? time !

b) I hate making small talk

c) I can''t see how my particular business could benefit it''s

1. Too small

2. Too big

3. Not relevant for any of those people

d) It''s too nerve-racking !

e) I get all the networking I want online Cody Ford Jersey , I don''t need an offline event like this.

If you have been using some or all of these excuses not to attend a networking event or join a networking group, then you probably have a misapprehension of what networking is all about and how it can help your business.

Think about some of the most successful people that you know either in your industry or in your town or city, how many of them are known and respected by many people? Quite a lot I''d guess? One of the characteristics of highly successful men and women, and most successful entrepreneurs, is that they tend to network perpetually, everywhere they go and with almost everyone they meet. If you can learn and develop the skill of networking. You can often move ahead faster, rise further, and accomplish more in a shorter period of time.

So what can networking do for you and your business? Here are just a couple of benefits for you.

you establish relationships. and ultimately gain customers.

It''s a fact of life, people do business with people they know and like. Trust doesn''t happen over night. By networking you gain the confidence and trust by building relationships that will have long-term gains.

you get referrals and ultimately gain customers

If you look at the hierarchy of how people choose their products and services, the top reason people purchase from a particular source is that they are already a satisfied customer. Next on the list is a referral by a trusted source. Networking helps you get these referrals. Regardless of what the industry or profession that the members of your networking group are part of Ed Oliver Jersey , often you will see a steady growth of customers referred by the people that you network with.

But it''s not all about gaining customers for your business. Turn both of those benefits above on their head, with you as the customer and you suddenly see more benefits! Who do you like to do business with? Who do you like to buy your products and services from, people you know and like? People you trust? Referrals you have been given? Get the picture!

Networking benefits all. Those are only a couple of the main benefits, there are many others including hidden benefits such as the fun and social side to it and particularly if you have an online business like me you need to meet ''real? people other than your kids, more than occasionally ! So stop making excuses. Go right now and find the local networking group that suits you best and give it a try. You''ll never know till you go.
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