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5 Easy Concentration Techniques for Improving Concentration Self Help Articles | March 26 Wholesale Anthony Barr Jersey , 2008

Concentration is not something inborn butrather it is cultivated from young and there are many of us who have yet torealize that. Without it, or the lack of it causes us to put in more effort forlesser productivity. In this article, we will be looking at some methods toimprove our concentration.

Concentration is a skill that can betrained by practicing, and if mastered can greatly improve your productivityand quality of work. It is easy to say that we need to concentrate, but fewpeople know how to do so. With deep concentration, we are also able to connectwith our subconscious and enable us to achieve an inner calm.

Below are 5 easy concentration techniquesfor improving concentration. They are simple Wholesale Everson Griffen Jersey , straightforward, and achievableas long as you put your mind to it, in other words, employ your will power. Youwill start seeing the effect of these 5 techniques over some time, as these arenot immediate miracles and require time and effort to build up yourconcentration levels.

ConcentrationTechnique #1: Stretch your limits

You have experiencedmoments at work or when studying when you felt like you needed a break and youfind your mind wandering and unable to focus. Learn to stretch your limits bypushing yourself to complete perhaps 15 more minutes of work, or to finishreading the chapter in your textbook before taking a break. By settingachievable targets Wholesale Kyle Rudolph Jersey , you are training up your mental stamina and pushing yourselfto break through the limits that you have set for your mind unconsciously.

ConcentrationTechnique #2: Focus on one thing

We have a dozen andone things to think about, such as picking up the laundry, grocery shopping,work, cooking dinner, picking the kids from work Wholesale Linval Joseph Jersey , and the list goes on. You mayfind your mind wandering at work because you are worried about what to cook fordinner, or that you have remembered everything you need to pick up at thegrocers. It is not that you are unable to concentrate, but simply that yourmind has too many thoughts, and you need to control your brain. Tell yourselfthat you will focus on the other issues once you are done with work, and keepyour mind on your work. Acknowledge that there are other tasks that needtending to, but they can wait as they are not as important.

ConcentrationTechnique #3: Tune out Distractions

Much like horses haveblinders to keep them staring in one direction and oblivious to theirsurroundings Wholesale Harrison Smith Jersey , we need to develop the mental equivalent to keep focused on thetask at hand. If you have an alternative place to work or study that has nodistractions, by all means move your work there. However, it is difficult tochase our colleagues away or tell the phone to stop ringing because it isdistracting you! Learn to place blinders over your mind, or physically cup yourhands around your vision to remind your brain to focus.

ConcentrationTechnique #4: It is Ok to Take a Break

No matter how goodyour concentration is, or your will power, we are merely human. This means thatit is perfectly acceptable to take short breaks Wholesale Kirk Cousins Jersey , and you will find that yourmind will feel rejuvenated and better equipped to take on more challenges aftera short rest. Do not feel bad about taking breaks, as they are essential toincreasing your efficiency. Pushing yourself beyond your limits is encouraged,but overworking is not!

ConcentrationTechnique #5: Variety is Key

Our brain is not likea computer, and it needs stimulation and variety to remain engaged andinterested at the task at hand. If you must slog at an Excel spreadsheet forthe whole day, take occasional breaks and engage your mind in other activities.This will keep it alert, and keep boredom at bay. If your mind is focused onone task for extended periods of time Wholesale Adam Thielen Jersey , the repetitive activity may cause yourattention to waver or be reduced.
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