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ning your precious vehicl • Absender: gsnoopy520, 06.12.2019 09:53

Radios in our cars face a lot of issues. This may be caused due to a variety of reasons. Environment plays a major role in causing this issue. The heavy luggage you keep at the roof also contributes to this problem. The roadside buildings interrupt FM. Tunnels and all the power lines interrupt AM. When you face such issues you need not take it for service and spend money in that. You can easily solve this issue by yourself. This following article helps you to know how to troubleshoot a Lexus radio .

First you should clear off your issue with the FM. This is caused due to the interruptions by a lot of factors. Those include roadside buildings and the pathway trees. First you should clear this particular issue with FM. This issue is mainly due to the long distance from the particular station which is transmitting the signals.

You know that all the stations cannot transmit at the same speed. There are some stations which are stronger and they can overcome the other signals. Sometimes you face this FM issue due to various signals. This may be caused due to the direct signal and the one which is reflected by the particular transmitting station. You should scan again many times to clear this issue with FM.

Now you should check your problem with AM. This issue is mainly caused due to lot of disturbances from our upper atmosphere. This occurs mainly at night times. Reflections are the main cause for the issue with AM. If two transmitting stations are situated very close to each other their signals mix and cause problem with AM. Tunnels also pose a problem to AM signals.

As you have seen before all the power lines add to this problem with AM. You should know that the electric motors also add to this issue and check well before. As you scanned FM again and tried you have to scan AM also to clear this problem.

You will not be aware that the luggage which you have kept at the roof of your car will add to this problem. But actually this also pose a major problem. the luggage include your bikes Giannis Antetokounmpo Jersey , skis. You know very well that the luggage has a lot of metal content. This is the major problem. these metals can reflect some signals and cause problem to the signals of your radio. You should check this well before loading at your car's top.

These metal contents pose problem to XM signals of your radio. For this you need to simply reload everything and should analyze which particular luggage of yours at the roof of the car is posing problem. Hence slowly reload everything and check well to clear off this particular case. Finally you check with what particular environment or the physical location you are facing the issue. You should also check that the antenna is extended.

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