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Triple Edge XL And each time I had to portray a prince of blood to meet their expectations. From this permanent gentleman show, I began to rage and hate them quietly,” admits now calm Nikolai (28 years old, married 6 years). - I can tell my wife any of those jokes that amuse my friends. And, most importantly, in the same terms. She may not die laughing, but she understands that ... In general, this is not the main thing. " You can be who the girl wants to see you - it's like a short game with a sexy prize at the end. But being with herself is a big game. You can lose everything, but you can also win something more important than an unforgettable weekend under the covers. 4. She gets along with your friends and relatives Regardless of how much hormones dilute a man’s brain, the view of his loved ones remains clear and critical. And if these close ones endlessly conduct delicate conversations about a snake warming on their chests, this man may be offended and become isolated in his terrarium. Meanwhile, the total loss of your woman from your main circle of friends is a bad sign. And all the talk that a real feeling, like a sprout, breaks through the asphalt of spitefulness, is a common dramatic device. If everyone - friends, relatives, and even blind invalids in the subway - unanimously express doubt in your choice, this should lead you to think. Of course, everyone does not know that she can suck juice from an orange through a small hole in a minute, but maybe they think bigger? Everyone, of course, can be mistaken, there are many historical examples, but statistics say that most are often right. Look at how Romeo and Juliet ended: whoever did not get poisoned was stabbed to death - in general, everyone died. And vice versa: if you boldly take a girl to family-friendly events, then she is her own, you can congratulate yourself on a good choice. “Having seen how little has changed in our company with the arrival of Lena, I felt as if she, too, is my old friend,”

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